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Add your Customer Reviews to Facebook…Instructions

Facebook ReviewsIf you’d like more people to see your customer reviews, here’s an easy way to create a “Reviews” tab on your business Facebook page.  (You can check ours out here – – and please “Like” us while you’re there!)

Firstly, click on the + sign next to a new empty tab.  Choose “Find More Apps”.  See below.

To do this you’ll need to use a Static HTML application.  We’ve used “Static HTML: iframe tabs” which is very popular (and free).  Search for this and then select it. See below.

It might take a couple of minutes to load, but then choose “Add Static HTML to a Page”.

If you manage more than one page you’ll need to select the relevant one.

Then, back on your Facebook business page, select “Edit Page” from the top menu and then “Update Info”.  Then on the side menu, go to “Apps”  and find the “Static HTML: iframe tabs” that you just added.  Click on “Edit Settings”.

First, change the Custom Tab Name to be whatever you want.  In this case we’ve used “Consumer Reviews”, but you could use “Customer Reviews”, “Our Reviews”, etc.  Click Save.

Then you can change the Tab Image used.  You can create your own image (107 x 70 px), or you can use ours which is here.  You’ll need to right click on this image and save it to your computer and the upload it to Facebook.


Now your tab is looking good – just need to get some content into it!

To do this, click on the tab itself.  It should look similar to the one shown below.  In the Public Content section, you can include any html or javascript you like, but to get your reviews showing, you need to include your WOMO Widget.  The unique code for your WOMO Widget can be obtained by logging into the Business Owners section of WOMO –

If you don’t have a log in, you can create one by Claiming Your Business.  To do this, find your business listing on and click on the link that says “Is this your business?” (just near the map).

You can copy the code in the image below but make sure you include your unique widget code and also your unique url to your WOMO listing (sorry but we can’t include this code in text format here as it will be converted to html).


*Please note: There have been a couple of changes to this Facebook App recently which now means that you also need to add the bits circled in red in the image above.

If you have any trouble with this, please feel free to contact us.  And if you’d like to increase the number of customer reviews you have, we can also help with that.  We love helping businesses grow with word-of-mouth!


4 of the Best Customer Service Tips

More Customers LOVING Your Business

A business’ reputation is only as good as the customer service it provides.  So it makes sense that customer service should be much more than “one more thing on your to-do list”.  Customer service precedes everything else about the business – if it sucks your business is doomed, and if it’s amazing, your business will flourish.  (Did you realise that customer satisfaction is the strongest predictor of business success?)

So anyway, most of us know how important customer service is, but how do you actually make meaningful improvements?

1. Rally your Team

At the heart of good service is a great ‘Customer Service Culture’, and whether your business is large or small – that culture starts with you!  Lead by example and show staff how important customer satisfaction is to all of you.  Go out of your way to fix something for a customer, address a service issue, or help out on the front-line when things get busy.  Focussing on what you reward staff for is also hugely important.  Yes, recognise them when targets are achieved, but also give them a very public congratulations when you receive positive feedback.  Or take this further by having Customer Service Awards, badges or bonuses for providing great service.

Have you hired a miserable bunch that don’t care about customers?  Replace them or retrain them because their attitude is going to hold you back.  I’d rather have a less competent but highly caring team member than the other way around.

2. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

Just like most relationship problems, most customer service issues could be minimised by better communication.  Is their order going to be late?  Give them a call.  Not 100% sure if you’ve understood their requirements?  Ask more questions.  Think they might have unrealistic expectations?  Discuss the likely outcomes upfront.  Running a few minutes late?  Respect their time and let them know.

As a rule of thumb, make sure that the customer always knows what to expect and is NEVER left in the dark.  If in doubt, it’s always far better to over-communicate than leave something to chance.

3. Be a Customer for a Day

When was the last time you called your business and listened to the response?  Have you tried purchasing something from your online store yourself?  Do you know how customers are treated by your onsite staff?  The best way to build a great business is to ensure that every element is something you love yourself.  Small business owners are often too close to their businesses to see the wood for the trees so it can be very useful to have a friend give you very direct feedback about each aspect of your business.  Ask them what they like and don’t like about everything and then make some changes. (This last part if important!  If nothing changes, nothing changes.)

4. Create a Continuous Feedback Loop

The best way to make and keep customer service your top priority is to build a feedback loop into your everyday processes.  This doesn’t need to be complicated and really could just involve asking each customer how their experience was.  But if you want to maximise your the feedback you get and also use this to get more customers that value good service, then the best way is through online customer reviews.  By asking customer to review your business on a website like, you help your business get found in Google searches far more often (as reviews are pretty much SEO gold), and you help the right types of customers choose your business.  Asking customers for feedback also tells them that you value their opinion and are focussed on customer service.  (In fact, the mere act of asking for feedback actually improves their satisfaction!)  You can see our 12 Tips for Getting Online Reviews here.

There are lots of little things you can do to improve customer service, but if you put these four in place, you’ll be way ahead of your competitors!

Marketing without Self-Promotion

Effective Marketing doesn’t mean Selling Your Soul!

When we think of “Marketing”, it usually conjures up images of flashy billboards, clever viral campaigns, and loud, in-your-face advertising.  Even “small business marketing” is associated with pushy, self-promoters who essentially need to trick consumers into using their business by purporting to be the best, cheapest, or fastest option available.

Most of this makes the average small business owner cringe.

Smarmy marketer

Relax, there’s no need to be a smarmy salesperson to market your business

In my experience, many of the best small businesses are run by owners who are humble and modest.  People that are experts in their field and passionate about their work and their customers.  But often, they’re a bit shy when it comes to shouting their own virtues and they’re more likely to talk themselves down, than up.

Almost by definition, great small business owners focus more on DOING great work, and less on TALKING about the great work they could do.

So what can you do if you’re not a showy type of person and the thought of self-promotion makes you want to go back to bed?  If you want more customers, you just have to suck it up, right?  Wrong.

These days, the one thing prospective customers are looking for is actually feedback from YOUR CUSTOMERS.  Believe it or not, they don’t care nearly as much what you have to say about your business.  What matters, is the reputation you’re leaving behind and the satisfaction of your customers.

When you give your customers the chance to talk about your business, you uncover your most effective marketing messages.  

These are the messages that resonate with other consumers and that are actually believed, and not discounted as “marketing speak”.

Check out the chart below.  It’s a large, reputable study by Nielsen and it shows how much trust consumers place in various forms of advertising.

Trust of Advertising Forms

The most trusted, most effective forms of advertising are also the cheapest and easiest for small businesses to implement.

Notice that “Recommendations from people I know” and “Consumer opinions posted online” top the list.

This means that word-of-mouth for your business – both direct and online in the form of customer reviews – will be trusted by potential customers far more than any advertisements you run on TV, billboards, radio, magazines, more than the content of your own website, and more than any information you send directly to consumers.  (Good news I know because most small businesses can’t afford most of these forms of advertising anyway!)

In this digital age where most people start looking for businesses by searching online, the very best strategy you can adopt is to encourage your customers to talk about you online.  On Facebook, on forums, and most importantly, in online reviews.  This helps your business get found in Google – whether or not you have your own website.

Yes, you still have to have the guts to ask customers for feedback.  But that’s it. You don’t need to convince them to write nice things.  If you provide reasonable service, most people will write a pretty glowing review (in fact only 93% of reviews on are either positive or neutral).

In fact, your entire marketing strategy can consist of including this line into each conversation with a customer;

If you like our service, we’d really appreciate it if you could review us online.  It only takes a moment and it’s a big help for us.

You can get a lot of value for free just by directing customers to review you on, or you can use the Happy Customers Program to really accelerate your word-of-mouth marketing.

Remember, it’s just one question and it WILL make a big difference (without you resorting to over-the-top or dishonest tactics).