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Customer Reviews contribute over 20% of Stain Busters New Customers

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Reputation Resolutions

What’s the best thing you could do for your business this year? Streamline some processes, employ some extra help, cut costs? These things could all help but by far the most impactful thing you can do is to build a fabulous reputation.


Why, you might ask?  For most businesses, the hardest aspect is getting customers to purchase from you. (Most businesses are pretty good at delivering the actual service as that’s why they got into business in the first place.) A solid reputation is the best way to continuously bring in new customers and keep your business growing. Encouraging customers to review your business online is the fastest way to get your business found by people looking for a service like yours.

People are looking on the internet for businesses like yours

Over 80% of purchase decisions start with a online search (Nielsen). Even if you don’t use the internet yourself, chances are most of your potential customers do. Being found under a variety of relevant searches (not your business name) – is extremely important and most SEO experts agree that customer reviews are SEO gold.

Consumers don’t believe what YOU say about the business

Fact is, consumers believe other consumers. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got the greatest marketing materials and the best looking website, consumers are looking for recommendations and opinions from other consumers.  Customer reviews create trust and trust is what people buy.

Positive feedback makes you feel good

Imagine going through the year getting regular emails letting you know that another customers has just left a glowing review for your business. Wouldn’t it make you feel great? Inspire you to do even more great work? Motivate your team? (Check out this business owner’s response.)

Here’s how to build your online reputation…

Firstly, recognise that your existing customers can provide your very best marketing. Word-of-mouth has long been known to be the most effective form of marketing, and it still is – just the format has changed a little.

Don’t be shy! Ask customers if they’re happy with your service, and if they are, ask them to review your business online. It only takes them a moment and a few reviews can be a game-changer for your business. (See our tips on how to encourage customers to review your business.)

Set yourself a target – maybe 2 reviews a month or something very achievable. (Businesses with 5 or more positive reviews tend to get far more enquiries than businesses with just 1 or 2 reviews.)

Use the Happy Customers Program to really ramp up your word-of-mouth marketing and get tools to encourage more reviews.

Australian SME’s using Word-Of-Mouth Marketing to Grow

Word Of Mouth Online is an awesome marketing tool for small businesses. Check out what these local Australian businesses have to say about using WOMO’s Happy Customers Program.  (And please excuse the amateur video skills – it’s our first shot at this!)

Makes me tear up just hearing these comments!