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Fake reviews: the good, the bad and the ugly


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Comparing apples and pears: How to influence customers decisions

comparingDon’t you hate it when customers compare your business to others on the basis of price alone? It’s clear they’re not comparing apples for apples! But have you really thought about how customers CAN compare businesses? After all, they have to make a choice somehow. Other than price, we often don’t give them much to go by.

Customer reviews are an objective way for people to really see the difference between businesses. For instance, businesses like mechanics, real-estate agents, and car dealers all have a pretty bad reputation across the board. But there are a few on with fantastic reviews that are reaping the rewards of LOTS more customer enquiries. By using customer reviews, those businesses have convincingly demonstrated that they provide a quality offering and stellar service!

If price is the only way customers can compare you to other businesses, it’s a dangerous place to be because you’re either getting lots of low-value customers (which doesn’t usually end up being very profitable), or you’re missing out on a lot of customers that would actually value your business.

In fact, many people would probably rather pay a bit more to for better quality and/or service.  Research has found that 86% of Australian consumers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. In fact, they’re willing to pay an average of 8.5% more for a superior customer experience. (StollzNow Research, 2010).

Putting your business forward on the basis of quality or service is usually a much more profitable road to take, and if your business is already operating like this, it’s time to start really demonstrating that to everyone else! Customer reviews are the best way that we know to do that – what are your thoughts?