Myths about Reviews on WOMO – Part 1

This is part 1 of a 3-part series where we will be dispelling three common misconceptions that businesses have about reviews on WOMO.

Myth 1: It’s not fair because anyone can leave a review for my business

The number of internet users reading online reviews has risen dramatically in recent years. In fact, a recent Nielsen survey found that 78% of people trust consumer recommendations above all other types of advertising and marketing.

Businesses understand the power and impact of consumer reviews on their brand, so it’s not surprising that some of them worry that the nature of being online means that anyone and everyone can review their business.

This is definitely not the case! At, the integrity of reviews is extremely important and only customers who have paid for a product or service can review a business. (All reviews on WOMO also needs to comply with our Fair Play Policy which you can see here).

Customers who call up for a quote but weren’t happy with the pricing cannot review a business. Those who walk into a store but do not purchase anything also cannot leave a review for the shop.  And in situations where a business has to turn down a job, that customer cannot go onto WOMO and write a review for the business. We understand that not every business is the right choice for every customer. (But we also believe that once a business takes on a customer, they have a responsibility to provide a good level of service.)

Fact: Only customers who have paid for a product or service can review a business.

If you’re concerned about fake negative reviews, we have many measures in place to protect businesses from suspicious reviews, which you can read about here!


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4 responses to “Myths about Reviews on WOMO – Part 1”

  1. Dawn says :

    Helpppppppppppppppppppp can someone please contact me so I can get this fixed?? I’ve added everything to my FB page/store but it’s not taking customers anywhere to leave feedback. It just goes to YOUR main page. Thank you. Dawn

    • Fiona Adler says :

      Hi Dawn,
      Sorry but I just received notification of your comment now. If you’re still having trouble, please call us on 1300 496 669 or email and we’ll be happy to help. (I can’t actually tell from the comment here which business you’re from.)

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