Myths about Reviews on WOMO – Part 2


This is part 2 of a 3-part series where we will be dispelling three common misconceptions that businesses have about reviews on WOMO.

Myth 2: Once the review is written, there’s nothing I can do

Following our previous article where we busted the myth that anyone can write a review for a business on, the second common misconception that many businesses have is that once a review is written about their business, there’s nothing they can do about it.

Again, this is not the case!  For starters, all reviews on WOMO need to comply with our Fair Play Policy (which you can see here). So if there’s anything written in the review that you know is factually incorrect (i.e the pricing), or if you believe that the review is not from a paying customer, you can flag the review as being Suspect or Inappropriate and we will temporarily suspend the review and contact the customer to confirm the details in their review (in some cases we will require proof of purchase).

In situations where businesses receive an unfavourable review from a paying customer and their review complies with our Fair Play Policy (keep in mind that less that 7% of reviews on WOMO are negative), businesses can comment publicly on the review or send a private message to the reviewer (so long as the review was not submitted Anonymously). To do this, all you need to do is Claim Your Listing by clicking on the “Is this your business” link.

Reviews are not a one-way communication! Commenting on the review publicly is a fantastic way to explain your side of the story. It also gives you the opportunity to show potential customers who have stumbled across this review that you’re a business who is not only aware of customer feedback online but you’re also very concerned about providing good customer service.

Click here for more tips on how to respond to negative reviews and what not to write publicly!

Fact: Businesses have a right to reply to all reviews on WOMO. You can query aspects of a review that are factually incorrect and can also leave comments to demonstrate how you handle things when they go wrong.

See Myth 1 here: It’s not fair because anyone can leave a review for my business


3 responses to “Myths about Reviews on WOMO – Part 2”

  1. mike staples says :

    it happened to me, thanks to womo as soon as I told them they took action under fair play policy and sorted it out, the benefit for the customer leaving a fake review is they can kill your business very quickly, I only noticed because I wasn’t getting any customers from google, then I looked on google myself and at the top was word of mouth with a bad review, hence no customers.

    • Fiona Adler says :

      Good to hear that your situation was sorted out but Myth No. 3 is that one bad review can ruin a business (stay tuned for this – it’ll be out next week). Please rest assured that customers make decisions based on the overall sentiment for the business – not just one review. That’s why it’s so important to have several reviews – we like to say 10 or more. This not only gets you found in Google more often, but it protects you in case you ever get a negative review. Fiona

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