Myths about Reviews on WOMO – Part 3


This is part of a 3-part series where we dispel three common misconceptions that businesses have about reviews on WOMO.

Myth 3: It just takes one negative review to ruin my business

We bust the final myth that many businesses have about reviews on WOMO. The third most common misconception about online reviews is that it takes just one unhappy customer ruin the reputation of a business by writing a negative review.

If your business has received negative feedback online, try not to panic too much. Feeling shocked and being upset after reading something negative about your business is understandable. From our experience, even the best businesses can make a mistake or will have unhappy customers. If it’s just one customer’s opinion, you really have nothing to worry about. If you have 1 negative review out of 10 positive reviews, potential customers can see that the negative review is a once-off. (It’s when you start seeing 4-5 negative reviews out of 10 positive reviews that there would be cause for concern!)

So what if you only have one review and it’s negative? Don’t sit back and let that one review speak about your business. Instead, take control and proactively reach out to your happy customers and ask them to review you! Focus on building positive feedback about your business. This will help minimise the negative review. If one negative review is surrounded by 10 or 15 positive reviews, then that review doesn’t have much weight. (If you’re serious about building your reputation online, please take a moment to check out WOMO’s Happy Customers Program)

Business needs to be proactive when it comes to their online reputation. When you have a strong and positive presence online, it can protect your business in the rare occasion a customer is not happy with your service.

Fact: Customers understand that mistakes can happen and businesses can’t guarantee that every single person will be happy. So long as the business has an overall positive reputation online, one unhappy customer is not enough to ruin a business’ online reputation.

See Myth 1: It’s not fair because anyone can leave a review for my business

See Myth 2: Once the review is written, there’s nothing I can do


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