Three Unique, Fun & Proven Ways to Build Customer Reviews


We all know customer reviews are a great way for businesses to build a good reputation for themselves online and attract new customers.

Many businesses ask us, “How do I get my customers to review me?”, and our simple answer is: “Just ask them..!”. To make this easier, we have a marketing program called the Happy Customers Program, which provides businesses with Review flyers to hand out to their customers and other online tools to help them build a strong bank of customer reviews.

The tools available on the Happy Customers Program has helped thousands of businesses build their customer reviews, but below are three unique, fun and proven ways to build a strong bank of reviews.

Use an iPad or laptop

If customers are with you and you have a good rapport with them, this can be a great strategy. For example, a hairdresser handed her regular clients an iPad and asked them to review the salon while they were getting their hair coloured or waiting to be served. We find that most customers are happy to leave feedback for a business they love, it’s just about finding the time to do so. This hairdresser went on to collect nearly 100 reviews over 2 years using this method!

But it doesn’t just work for hairdressers. We also spoke to an accountant who asked his client at the end of every meeting if they would leave him a review, and then turned his laptop around for them to do it then and there! He found that his clients were happy with him, but just couldn’t find the time to leave him a review when they got home so rather than wait and hope, he took the process into his own hands. So have an iPad or laptop in the store, salon or workshop – it’s a great way to collect feedback from customers then and there.

Enter customers names into a draw to win a prize

Entering customers name into a draw has worked wonders for many business focused on building a bank of customer reviews. We previously spoke to an accounting firm (a different from the example above) who made getting customer feedback a top priority and made it fun by telling their clients that if they left them a review (positive, negative or neutral), they’ll go into a draw to win a TV! We don’t expect many businesses to offer that kind of prize. Instead, we had a tradie use a similar strategy, but the prize was two movie tickets! The prize didn’t cost him much and he found that it gave many customers a bit a of nudge to leave him a review on WOMO. Make collecting feedback interesting not only for the business but also for the customers!

Get your staff on board and give them the recognition they deserve

Make sure all of your staff know how important reviews are to your business. A photo printing business found that after asking customers to review them, they had such a huge response that they printed out the best reviews and posted it around the office and shop front for staff and customers to see! Another cleaning service business started handing out Award Certificates to staff who had the most mentions in the reviews. The manager said that these awards had no cash or bonus element to it, but found that it was just a great way for staff to be proud of the work they are doing and also for their team to understand standard that the business rewards great customer service. When you recognise staff for doing a great job, they’ll feel like they’re actually part of the business and its values.

Building a strong bank of customer reviews is not as easy as sitting back and hoping that one of your loyal, regular customers will give a shout out the next time they’re with their friends. Unfortunately some business owners still feel a bit uncomfortable or apprehensive about asking customers to review them or to give them feedback. However, if you ask your customers and use just one of the proven tips above, you’ll be able to build a strong bank of customer reviews in no time, which will benefit your business well into the future.

For more information about the importance of customer reviews, read our article on 10 Reasons to Encourage Customer Reviews


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