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6 Ways to Engage with Customers on Facebook


With more and more businesses using Facebook to promote themselves and build a strong following online, sometimes, it’s hard to find something interesting to say.

Now, that you have a decent number of “Likes”, what you want to do is engage with these users in order to grow your brand.

Below are 6 tips on how to engage with your customers on Facebook page.

  1. Make your page interactive by asking questions in your posts. Stick to subjects that are relevant to your audience and your business. If you’re a cafe, might do a quick post on the record number of coffees someone’s had in a day. If you’re a beauty therapist, ask customers what their one must-have beauty product.
  2. Personal connections are powerful. Personalise status updates using “real ” humans… use names and other personalisation often. You might want to mention a long time customer of the business or even a new customer of yours!
  3. If you have reviews on WOMO or other sites, post them on your Facebook page for your other customers to see. Show how much you appreciate all the support you’re getting from customers online.
  4. Include other media – this might be a funny youtube clip to brighten up everyone’s Monday (Keep in mind, not everything you post needs to be about you or your business), or a picture of your staff having a bit of fun at work; or a picture of a customer’s with their new hairdo or product they’ve purchased.
  5. If you have any new services or products available, or a new menu, post it on Facebook and make a big deal about it! Give customers a reason to see you again.
  6. Everyone loves to read a great quote. We have a few customer service quotes that you can choose from here!

Facebook and other social media sites are a great tool for businesses to engage with customers and attract new customers. With Facebook, it’s recommended that businesses try posting at least 2 times a week so you stay “top-of-mind” and relevant to the people who like your page.

When it comes to social media and interacting with customers online, try not to over think the process, keep it simple and make it fun!